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Adult drawing Day, Whipsnade Zoo, Bedfordshire

Adult drawing Day, Whipsnade Zoo, Bedfordshire

There are several events in the world that have global attention. This increases the tourism in the travel and hospitality industry. In Bedfordshire, adult drawing day is a very popular event. People come to join this event round the globe. This increases the fun of your activities.

About event

It is a thrilling and amusing day out full of animal drawing strategies. Meeting at 10.45 am where students will be provided with their entry tickets. In which they will be given the option to look around this extraordinary conservation assignment as an individual or in a group. It depends on their own choice, and discovers their feet, before settling down for lunch at 12.00. Then the afternoon can be a 3-hour drawing consultation that specializes in quite some animals from around the Zoo – comfy footwear on is a necessity. Vacancies are limited. Hence students have requested their drawing kits and their lunch.

Timings and Fees

Students Meeting: 10.45 am

Tickets will be provided at 10.45 am at Students meeting

Lunch at: 12.00pm

Whipsnade Zoo Butterfly House

Whipsnade Zoo is proud to say that their butterfly house is the biggest and most lovely butterfly biome of any zoo in the United Kingdom. This butterfly house is home to more than 30 different species from around the globe. Visitors always find themselves overwhelmed by these colorful little creatures. This show offers admirable and charming experience. It gives a chance to learn about the nature lifestyle and behavior of these magnificent insects.

Whipsnade Zoo Hullabazoo Farm

Whipsnade Zoo Hullabazoo Farm is an awesome interactive, close encounter adventure.  This mayhem includes some of the many animals you see on the farms like cute newly-hatched chicks, ferrets, guinea pigs, sheep with their lambs, their piglets, and Gloucester old spot pigs, pygmy goats, Trevor and Tulip and miniature donkeys.

Whipsnade Zoo Girrafe Heights

At Whipsnade Zoo Girrafe Heights students will come face to face with the tallest mammal in the world. Whipsnade Zoo’s new custom build enclosure allows you to get closer to this magnificent mammal. This custom enclosure also gives you a higher point of view for a better experience. Students may see giraffes grazing, or they might be resting in their barn. Giraffe Heights can hold up to 300 visitors at a time. Thanks to the newly extended barn that comes with its nine-foot view area.

Whipsnade Zoo In with the Lemurs

Hop onto the lemurs’ island and get amazingly close to adorable ring-tailed lemurs. It is the occasion that is full of fun and entertainment. It is highly wonderful due to the variety of entertaining opportunities.