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Attractions in Columbia for solo travellers

Attractions in Columbia for solo travellers

Travel and Hospitality is the industry that is popular for making your journey easy. Today, traveling is not difficult if you use your resources in the right ways. This sector is growing rapidly. This is the reason the famous Boutique Hotels and global airlines are easily available to make your journey memorable. Are you thinking where to spend these holidays? Columbia is the correct place for you. There are several things to do here.

About Columbia

Colombia is a country located in the northwestern region of South America with a diverse geography with lowlands and high mountains. An important highlight of the Colombian tour is the Andes Mountain range that along the length of the country from north to south. The geographical location of the country makes these mountains ideal for farming which the people have used to cultivate world-renowned coffee beans. The country has a wide range of cultural influences such as Spanish, African, European, Middle Eastern, Caribbean among others as part of its modern culture. Music, art, and food in Colombia are a source of attraction for the tourists. This country is rich in Travel and Hospitality. This means your trip full of fun.

Where to begin?

Begin your trip from the country’s cosmopolitan capital Bogotá that is home to famous and brilliant museums such as Gold Museum and Botero Museum, salsa dancing and well preserved Spanish colonial towns. It is the best place in the country to learn about street art in Colombia. Colorful and impressive wall art and graffiti can be seen in the city. Moreover, it has areas like La Candelaria with a large student population from different regions and the diversity makes it even more perfect for solo travelers where they can travel alone and enjoy coffee and music. Bogota Bike Tours are a good way to explore the city and interacting with people through group cycling.
Colombia’s coffee country

Colombia is among the world’s top coffee producers and Colombia’s coffee country to the west of Bogota is worth a visit. You can explore coffee farms in this region and try the best local produce.
This region is located south of Medellin which is a beautiful city with progressive urban planning. It is unique for its ‘finca’ culture. One can find easy access to paragliding, biking, rock climbing and hiking for active travelers from Medellin and the coffee towns surrounding it.
Valle delCocora and Manizales

The two safest places for traveling alone. Valle delCocora has a beautiful landscape and is a great place for nature lovers. There are giant wax palms, waterfalls, hummingbirds and most importantly it is safe for hiking alone. It is easy to get there by taking a deep, early morning from the town square. Make sure to see the top of the hill that offers a viewpoint of the entire town, in Salento. Even at dusk, this place is safe to visit for solos.

Travel and Hospitality is a growing industry now. It provides support to the tourists for making their trips comfortable and successful.